Englische Fragen und antworten zu MCSA Prüfung 70-761-deutsch

Die Übungsexamen zur Vorbereitung auf Microsoft MCSA IT-Prüfung 70-761-deutsch(Querying Data with Transact-SQL) bei it-pruefungen.de enthältet alle Examensfragen mit den richtigen Antworten. Die Abdeckungsrate unserer Unterlagen zu 70-761-deutsch ist mehr als 99%, deswegen können wir Ihnen die 100% Erfolgsgarantie geben.

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Englische Fragen und antworten zu MCSA Prüfung 70-761-deutsch:

1.You are building a stored procedure named SP1 that calls a stored procedure named SP2.

SP2 calls another stored procedure named SP3 that returns a Recordset. The Recordset is stored in a temporary table.

You need to ensure that SP2 returns a text value to SP1.

What should you do?

A. Create a temporary table in SP2, and then insert the text value into the table.
B. Return the text value by using the ReturnValue when SP2 is called.
C. Add the txt value to an OUTPUT parameter of SP2.
D. Create a table variable in SP2, and then insert the text value into the table.

Answer: C

2.You are creating indexes in a data warehouse.

You have a dimension table named Table1 that has 10,000 rows. The rows are used to generate several reports.

The reports join a column that is the primary key.

The execution plan contains bookmark lookups for Table1.

You discover that the reports run slower than expected.

You need to reduce the amount of time it takes to run the reports.

Solution: You create a nonclustered index on the primary key column that does NOT include columns.

Does this meet the goal?

A. Yes
B. No

Answer: A

3.You have a project management application. The application uses a Microsoft SQL Server database to store data. You are developing a software bug tracking add-on for the application.

The add-on must meet the following requirements:

Allow case sensitive searches for product.
Filter search results based on exact text in the description.
Support multibyte Unicode characters.

You run the following Transact-SQL statement:

Users connect to an instance of the bug tracking application that is hosted in New York City. Users in Seattle must be able to display the local date and time for any bugs that they create.

You need to ensure that the DateCreated column displays correctly.

Which Transact-SQL statement should you run?

A. SELECT Id,Product,
DateCreated AT TIME ZONE ‘Pacific Standard Time’
B. SELECT Id,Product,
DATEADD(hh, -8, DateCreated)
C. SELECT Id,Product,
D. SELECT Id,Product,

Answer: C

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